Fear of God

If you believe in God the world is full of God’s creature, but if you do not believe in God, you will find everything is Godless. Recently I have read a poem, of Robert Frost named Fear of God, is very interesting. So I have decided to publish this poem as my first ever blog. But do not be hopeless as my own writings are coming soon.

Fear of God

by Robert Frost

If you should rise from Nowhere up to Somewhere,

From being No one up to being Someone,

Be sure to keep repeating to yourself

You owe it to an arbitrary God

Whose mercy to you rather than to others

Won’t bear to critical examination.

Stay unassuming. If for lack of license

To wear the uniform of who you are,

You should be tempted to make up for it

In a subordinating look or toe,

Beware of coming too much to the surface

And using for apparel what was meant

To be the curtain of the inmost soul.



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