Tahrir Square, Egypt to Shahbagh Square, Bangladesh


Egypt to Bangladesh

It’s been long time that western world has been dominating Middle East through different methods and techniques.  Although western economic goals have been successful, the political ambitions were stumble in time to time. They were so desperate to achieve those political ambitions that they toppled Mr Saddam, once a pioneer allies of west in Middle East, but found a new enemy there as well as ethnic conflict erupted.

Western did not have any problem with the puppet governments in this region. As a result they were continuously supporting some heartless tyrants such as Mr Gaddafi of Libya, Mr Mubarak of Egypt, Mr Bashar of Syria and Mr Saleh of Yemen for the sake of their own benefits while they were also publicly crying for democracy.

But citizen of those countries have been suffered a lot, there were no freedom of speech, no human right, no justice apart from a handful people had been enjoying the power and welfares. It has been started in Yemen while the deprived citizen occupied streets and became united for their rights. Lastly, Mr Saleh left the country in January 2012 to his ultimate destination America and escaped trial after almost 33 years of power. Demonstrators wanted Mr Saleh to be brought to justice for offences, they say he committed, including the brutal suppression of a year-long uprising that left hundreds dead, according to BBC.

In the following month Mr Mubarak step down after 30 years of power due to huge protests in Tahrir Square for 18 days and estimated 300 civilians died in this conflict. This was one of the major events as Egypt is one of the important countries for west due to political and regional power.

But Mr Bashar  allies with Russia as well as his well decorated army has given him long time to stay in power since the protest has been started while more than 60,000 civilians had been killed.   Although Syrian people have not reached their long waited goal, they have achieved a significant improvement bartering massive blood of them.

This vast power change in the Middle East region encourages others in Asia. As the technological advancement has connected one another for 24/7, people can easily organize through social networking that played a vital role in all those revolution.

In the last week, few bloggers and Facebook activist networks of Bangladesh felt an urgency to start a demonstration at Shahbagh Square, Dhaka because of an announcement of insufficient sentence for a war criminal who leaded to kill hundreds of people in the liberation war in 1971. These war criminals had been banned in Bangladeshi politics after the independence of the nation but later on there were a lot of ups and downs in Bangladeshi politics, there were an army coup killed the president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family who were at home at that time. The scenario changed and the war criminals came close to the authority and established political party again called “Jamat E Islam”.  These war criminals have been escaping any type of punishment since the liberation war because of political instability of the country but this kind of avoidance of punishment is unusual in world history. When the existing government came into power, they had an election manifesto to bring the war criminals into justice. Recently the problem occurred when capital punishment did not declare to one of the specified war criminals. As the next election due in the end of current year as well as government is going through some difficult times for corruption in the top level of power, main opposition party kept themselves silent in the war criminal issue due to the alliances with Jamat e Islam. Whatever the political equation at this point of Bangladesh, people have got the spirit to showdown to the nation that they are united when crisis comes.

Although the goal is different from Tahrir Square; the inspiration and process of demonstration are indifferent so that Students and youths, politicians and activists, young, old and professionals of different arenas joined on Friday demonstration when Shahbagh Square turned into human sea. Now, everybody across the country is participating and looking forward for justice as “capital punishment of all specified war criminals is the only demand”.


3 thoughts on “Tahrir Square, Egypt to Shahbagh Square, Bangladesh

  1. Down through the years, the Americans administrations have forgotten one of the most important admonishments from the founding fathers; to be friends with all and allies to none.
    Because the government has long since forgotten that very important piece of advice from George Washington, unnecessary wars have been waged, societies have been tossed and turned and a lot of resentment has been aimed at America.

    America was created to be a Christian nation. One of the most important Christian rules is to do unto others as you would have them do onto you. That is to say, leave other nations alone, as we would also like to be left alone. Now, we see trouble in North Africa, and we have only our government to blame.

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