Do You Really Care?

Poor Vs Rich
Choice of Consumption
What is behind your consumption pattern? Is it your culture, status or income to decide your everyday shopping? People are habituated to buy the same flavour that his/her parents used to provide in their early-childhood. For instance, if you used to have banana flavoured chewing gum in your childhood, you may normally buy it in the later stages of your life. But what if the matters come to you as a choice when you have three options like low, high and medium prices, what do you consider? You definitely think about the quality, the price and definitely your status or what the society, the neighbour, or colleague will think about it? Sometimes, how do you feel when you go out of a shop without having a big brand logo on the shopping bag as you used to have? Does every one of us really control our own choice of consumptions, then who controls? It is the big name/logo that has taken away our decision making capabilities that we never even think of it.

Food Wastage
A majority people of the world do not have access to regular food, proper shelter or pure drinking water. We usually forget that our resources are limited and we are exploiting those at the highest limit. I have a very simple observation that whenever you see people of overweight, you will see, in the most of the cases, either they have been eating something or carrying food with them. You have money does not mean that you will eat more than 2000cals/per day. Then you are killing yourself being overweight as well as depriving somebody else for not having it. The Guardian, UK, reported in January 2013 that almost half of the world’s foods are thrown away. How pity is that when people in the same planet are starving to death! Is it not amazing that our consciousness can eradicate the food crisis in the world?

Poor Vs Rich
Who is responsible for being a poor person in the planet? Some people have born in a rich family or having inheritance of huge wealth but others are not. Some might have been struggling their whole life to gain their desire living or starving to death. Poor are becoming poorer everyday as a study shows that only 1% people hold 40% of the world’s wealth and they are becoming stronger and stronger. Should not the wealthy people look back generously to the poor as their wealth is the exploitation of poor in one way or another? Wealthy people do the philanthropy too but it has been used as one of their marketing tools of the business. There are some exceptions, like Bill Gates is doing incredible things to eradicate Polio for ever from the planet in next few years. In my point of view this is one of the pilot projects where goal is fixed and achievement is monitored from top to bottom. Not like other projects that philanthropist has disbursed money and having some promotion but forgot to see the real out of the effort. Neither every wealthy nor every one of us like Bill Gates in terms possession or passion but if we bring out our hand from our pocket and help our neighbours or even guide them to the right direction, they will shine one day. More importantly, it is not the richest people who will keep the world in the right shape; it is the working/middle class who needs to work hard to keep the harmony among poor and rich otherwise the world is going to be the worst place to live in.


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